Una llama en medio del camino... a Jr.canest blog... that's me, I drink orange juice out of a wine glass. And what about me? I'm a Bolivian Motion Designer (you know, animation, design, that kind of stuff) a lover of music, someone that wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of God's grace. PS. for awesomeness and cool videos I created Wine After Coffee. a vimeo channel.

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~ Out Among The Stars - Local Natives

The always awesome “La Blogotheque” made a film about Johnny Cash’s “Out Among The Stars” With Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty & Local Natives. 

And the Local Natives version of Out Among The Stars is absolutely amazing. I had to post it independently.

~ Beautiful Eulogy - Beautiful Eulogy

Beautiful Eulogy by Beautiful Eulogy

How sweet the Gospel sounds to ears like mine. Well acquainted

with pain and strained relationships. Friendships
that suffer from long distances, or even worse they get
severed from something more severe. And He still hasn’t
wiped away all my tears yet. My cheeks get wet every now
and then. Even when I give my best, I know I fall short.
I get scared when the balls in my court. Focussed on, my
performance, wretched and poor. It makes the message more
real when I preach it. I’m not there yet so I’m reaching,
reaching for a goal, to stand before my King and be speechless.
Then, never again, will I question if his grace is
sufficient to cover my sin. Cause death is gone, and all
the effects of, evil and wrong will be conquered when His
kingdom comes. So this is my hope and my prayer. The air
that I’ll breath in eternity with lungs that never fail
me. If it pleases my Lord, and only by Your grace, use my
life till it’s poured out for Your sake. Until then I’ll
remain where You have me, with joy when I feel unhappy. And
a peace that surpasses all my understanding, my life is in
the hands of Your love everlasting.”

Beautiful words. Beautiful Grace.

Apparently this tire is orange, and I got to direct my first live action ad!

Yokohama approached us ants to make a cool little piece for their tire that has orange oil in it, the opportunities seemed endless and we wanted to do all sort of crazy stuff, so we did.

Orange Craziness!

It was amazing to have basically the whole team making amazing stuff and having (too much) fun. So check them out:

The amazing multi-talented, rally car racer Robin!

Matt the orange suite man.

The guy who did mova: Nicholas

Shawn not-shaun-white, shawn hight! He knows about art.

Henrique the cel master,

And all the most amazing ants ever that I wont have time to list them all with cool adjectives!

Client: Yokohama Canada
Directed by Giant Ant
Creative Direction: Leah Nelson & Jay Grandin 
Script: Leah Nelson & Jay Grandin 
Producer: Teresa Toews
Production Coordinator: Cory Philpott 
Art Direction: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
On-set Direction: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Set Production: Robin Leveille, Matt James, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Camera Operator + Lighting: Robin Leveille
Design: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Matt James, Shawn Hight
Animation and Compositing: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Matt James
3D Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Henrique Barone, Shawn Hight
Cel Animation: Henrique Barone
Music: Ryland Haggis




let’s do it again.

I’ve been working on this verse for this project that involves a ton of amazing designers, I chose the beautiful Psalm 37:3-4.

Trust in the Lord, and do good;

dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.

Delight yourself in the Lord,

and he will give you the desires of your heart.

some sketches: 

One beautiful 2013 in the eyes of my awesome and beautiful wife.
"And this was 2013" by Emmy Lou Virginia

One beautiful 2013 in the eyes of my awesome and beautiful wife.

"And this was 2013" by Emmy Lou Virginia

New year, new video!

Jeroen from animography.net approached me with a pretty cool idea again, the last being Franchise animated (vimeo.com/70470864).

This time it was an empty canvas, with the only requirement to use one of the typefaces on the site. I was honored to be the first one to do Animography Monthly! But It was a crazy December for me and I was running out of time, so I had to give myself a few restraints:
· Had to be done 1 day.
· Had to fit the style of the Isotype font. (designed by Ryan Locke)
· Had to somehow tell the story of being a dad or becoming one. (since our son/daughter will be coming to this world in a few months :D)

So “Being A Dad” was born, an animated experiment on the weird but awesome blessing of being a dad.

Design & Animation: Jr.canest
Animated Typeface: Isotype by Ryan Locke
Music: The Books

Huge thanks to my wife Emmy Lou (emmylouvirginia.com/) for helping me come up with ideas for this and to Tatalab for making beautiful numbers (tatalab.com/Yorokobu-numbers)

& most importantly thanks to God, for the wonderful gift and miracle of life.

For Animography Monthly: January. (And I can’t wait to see what the rest of the group comes up with for the next months!)

It was around June last year (2013) when I got an amazing surprise on my email… I’ve always wanted to work with desiringGod, in my opinion, one of the awesomest Christian ministries out there today and I remember sending them a vimeo message years ago telling them that I would love to collaborate. So when Stefan Green from desiringGod contacted me, I was so incredibly happy.

It took some time for the video to start coming together, They provided with the great script and my first worry was going to be that it was going to be around 4 minutes long and I also had this other awesome project going on for another amazing ministry: Ligonier.

So I know I needed help, and I reached out to a number of designers and animators and eventually I ended up meeting the amazing Ben Weeks (through Tom Froese who unfortunately wasn’t able to help on this one)… So the design and concepting process started:

But we spent so much time on the thinking of the hard concepts and trying to make the visuals not steal from the message that we were running out of time, so I got more involved on the design and revised the storyboards a bit…

And got a few days worth of help from the also amazingly talented, James Graves.

And with two weeks left, we went full steam ahead, and on the animation side, we had the help from Joe Dunlap & Kasey Lum.

On the music, John Poon made a beautiful beautiful song that fit the video just perfectly. And eventually, defacto sound added some SFX.

And somehow… we finished on time. And for that and many things I need to thank my awesome and wonderful wife, without her help in those stressful days and her help to come up with with ideas, that would have been impossible.  

Turned out that the video was going to be launched with the new desiringGod site, but the launch got delayed a couple months but on January 1st. desiringGod.org looked like this for a few hours:

The team that made this possible was an amazing team, and I think we were all blessed at the end to be able to work on this together and our hope and pray is that this will be used by our LORD for His glory.

Thank you all again.

Art Direction & Animation: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Concept & Design: Ben Weeks, James Graves, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Additional Animation: Joe Dunlap, Kasey Lum
Music: John Poon
SFX: Defacto Sound
Voice Over: John Piper
Written and Produced By: Desiring God

~ Del montón - Destroyer

feels like it’s been a while since I posted some cool music, so here it goes.

Every once in a while, my job is full of lasers & keyframes.

The agency Breakway approached us with this project, an extremely simple video to describe this new product. A dentist laser that basically replaces the drill… kinda cool.

After the release of the awesome “Design by Apple in California" made by BUCK, it was hard to try come up with something with that level of simplicity, yet still having it’s own identity.

So we started playing with it, they developed the script so Jay, me, Nico and with some help from Henrique we made the storyboard.

After that, it was a matter of seeing how it was going to look and move:

And eventually I finished all designs and nico and I finished the animation.

Laser and keyframes, I’m telling you.